Hello, and welcome to my website!


I want this to be a place where we can all gather round and discuss a myriad of topics. From those found in my books, to those pulled right from your own imagination.


To get us started, I’ve posted a few topics in my blog that touch upon topics ranging from first love to teen health. I invite you to read them and share your thoughts in the comments below each. You can also feel free to start your own conversations on my Facebook Page!┬áIf your topic is a bit more personal, you can send me a direct email here.


If you’re discussing my latest YA novel, Hanging in the Stars, with your high school class or book club, I’ve provided FREE downloadable PDFs to aide in creating lesson plans and/or leading discussions on the topics covered in the novel. Got a question for me that I haven’t covered? You or your students can post the questions on my Ask Pat page and we can get an open forum going!


So kick off your shoes, curl up in your favorite chair, and join in the conversation!


All the Best,